Throughly Furnished Ministries (TFM) is created out of the idea that if training for Christian service begins when a person graduates from high school or college, then the training is too late. At Faith Baptist Church we recognize that the human mind is most impressionable and capable of learning during the adolescent and teen years. But for so long it has been accepted that the teen years are used only for secular education and training.

TFM is the church’s attempt to begin utilizing these formative years to prepare and equip young people for potential full-time (or part-time) Christian service as missionaries, pastors, teachers, fathers, and mothers. We believe that the Lord has given us the ability to teach the next generation how to effectively serve him, but we must have an organized plan to accomplish the task.

Throughly Furnished Ministries will give instruction in three basic ways:

1. Biblical Studies
2. Practical Skills
3. Ministry Participation

These three areas of instruction will give any individual a solid platform from which to pursue ministry of various kinds.
While TFM is designed for young people to jumpstart their ministry training, many adults will also find certain aspects of the course very beneficial. For instance, an adult may not be interested in participating in the Practical Skills portion of the course, but they may be greatly helped by the Biblical Studies portion.