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What happens is Enigma has put the “custom style sheet” before the actual
stylesheet on page load so any custom styles you write in their style sheet
box get over written, so I am not using the Editor Box. They do have a
unique way of coding.

I have been editing the stylesheet and re-uploading it to my ftp. The file
is /wp-content/themes/enigma-premium/style.css

I know that developers say to create a child theme but Enigma has thrown a
wrench in the works in the way the are loading the stylesheets. I
recommend you actually change your styles. I use developer tools to find
what I want to change, then I go into the actual style.css and change it,
re upload to the ftp. If you plan to ever update the version of the theme
you are using, be sure you save all of the files that you’ve modified
because you will need them.

I hope this is helpful.

You can email me at paul at douglaswebdesign dot com to get a quicker reply

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